Bottom Line is a vertically integrated commercial real estate development firm with an entrepreneurial advantage. From concept to the sustainability of assets, we cover all bases to ensure we deliver a quality turn-key investments. We have an extensive background in multiple disciplines including property development, restructuring, debt & equity origination, structured finance, and asset management; giving Bottom Line an advantage at providing risk-adjusted returns for high-net-worth individuals and family estates.

Building the right way: It’s an often-quoted statistic that 9 out of every 10 projects are delivered late, over budget or not to specification. At Bottom Line we take a different approach: we only accept work that we can deliver on time, on budget, and something we truly believe in. We develop your project plans and schedule in line with your requirements, manage risk and are confident we will deliver exactly what has been agreed.


Bottom Line focuses on transparency and accountability, offering an alternative and cost-effective approach to investing, earning the trust of all of our partners and clients.


Bottom Line allows investors and issuers to connect for a seamless experience that is comprehensive, yet easy to use. We successfully raise capital from everyday people who want to invest.


Successfully coping with new operational norms requires companies to be agile and adaptable. BL looks for new ways to service clients and customers and new technology to improve processes. 


Bottom Line provides aspiring entrepreneurs, small business startups, and established companies a unique and efficient way to access both accredited and non-accredited investors.