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Get Smarter This Presidents Day With 10 Deals on Online Courses and Bootcamps

Presidents Day weekend traditionally brings on a slew of sales both online and in stores. As an entrepreneur, however, you're too thrifty to fall for a shoe sale. Instead, spend your hard-earned money on something better: self-improvement. The web is loaded with great resources to learn new and valuable skills and we've rounded up some of the best deals available today.

The Ultimate Shopify & Ecommerce Expert Bundle

We all know that e-commerce is a lucrative industry, and that Shopify powers a significant piece of the e-commerce pie. This comprehensive bundle will show you how to create and scale a Shopify and e-commerce business so you can start earning revenue sooner than ever.

The Professional Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle

You may have Excel on your résumé, but how much do you really know? This comprehensive bundle will teach you basic formulas and functions in Excel, while also helping you dive into more advanced features like data analysis and visualization, and automation using VBA.

The Complete 2020 Google SEO & Growth Hacking Bundle

There are as many people on the planet as there are Google searches per day. For entrepreneurs, that represents an opportunity. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial tool to grow your business and this bundle will teach you how to build your website and create content that will be picked up by Google's algorithm, thereby getting customers on your site.

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